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Prototypes—Small Series—Additive Manufacturing

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SLS—Selective Laser Sintering

Materials: PA2200—PA 2200GF—Carbon—Graphite—etc.



Materials: ABS type, PP type, SLA Ceramics-etc.



Materials: Aluminum, Nickel Alloys, Cobalt Alloys. Stainless Steel

Tool Steel, Titanium, Cu


LaserForm A6 Metalprint


CLIP Continouous Liquid Interface Production

Materials: PU, Silicone, Carbon, Epoxy

Høj nøjagtighed og overfladekvalitet, Komplicerede strukturer. Tynde vægge ned til 0,3 mm. Høje temperaturer, 1 < 10.000 parts


VACUUMCASTING In Silicone Mould—15—25 pcs pro mould

Prototypes, Small Series in near/equal to manufacturing quality.

Materials: PU, ABS, PU Rubber all ShoreA. Glassclear parts

RAL colours, 2K, Overmold


CNC in PU, ABS etc.

Prototypes, Small Series


CNC in all metals.


Properties available for all materials.




                                                                                                     Sep. 2019